• Stay Connected with Talker

    Push to talk app for your teams across multiple channels to be on the same page throughout the day.


    say no to scheduling delays, limit on the number of people, unpicked calls or remote location challenges




  • put voice to work

    have an always-on, always-available, and always-synced voice communication with your teams

    In-the-moment audio conversations with everyone, anywhere

    Talker is the solution to staying connected with your team in real-time. Forget about typing out messages, with push to talk you can have conversations instantly and be sure that everyone is on the same page

    Push to talk, with the power of text, location and attachments

    Communication is key to success in any business. With Talker, you can instantly connect to your team through multiple channels—text messages, talking, and attachments—allowing you to get the answers you need quickly and efficiently. Speed up communication and get more done with Talker.

    A complete history of voice communication stitched together like a track with speed controls

    With Talker, you’ll never have to worry about missing an important message again—all the messages you’ve seen or sent are readily available with just a few clicks. Stay connected to your team across multiple channels and make sure you never miss what matters.

  • Don't let your communication tool hinder the flow of natural conversations

    Your organization has already invested a lot in its employees, and you believe that efficient communication will solve the current problems. You believe your organization could grow much faster if your teams worked well together, but all of the current tools disappointed you. 

    You have teams motivated to solve problems but have been struggling or unaware of how improved communication would increase their impact.

    Are you experiencing these frustrations?  

    • You have great teams, but they can't be connected to each other all day. 
    • You have tried phone call systems, video call software, hardware radios, or cloud-based PTT apps, but nothing worked perfectly.
    • Your productivity and output quality suffers because of a lack of real-time communication in your team.
  • problems with existing solutions

    Phone Calls

    • Requires the other side to be available at the exact time
    • Phone + voicemails painful experience, not seamless
    • Can not keep a call on throughout the day
    • Unable to talk over multiple channels at the same time

    Video Call Softwares

    • Need to schedule in advance
    • Mostly audio+video all time turned on is painful
    • Works only over desktop machines always connected
    • Can not do conversations over multiple channels at once

    Hardware Radios

    • Requires everyone to buy and maintain hardware
    • Limited channels
    • Bad audio quality
    • Range issues
    • Expensive

    Cloud Walkie-Talkie Apps

    • Clunky experience
    • Multiple features force-fitted in one app
    • Hard to talk and see conversations
    • Battery hogging
    • Complicated pricing
  • Talker makes communication your edge

    Talker's mission is to give your remote or on-the-go teams advantages similar to being in the same room by making it easier for you to connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere.


    Listening experience to bridge the experience gap between synchronous and asynchronous


    Talker's PTT disruption is fast, highly battery optimized to be connected throughout the day and require low bandwidth


    Talker's stateless streaming technology enables you to receive real-time push-to-talk messages across multiple channels without losing any information. It ensures that you listen to all queued live streams and that no information is lost.

  • Talker Walkie Talkie App

    Push-to-talk with controls and compliance

    Location Tracking

    Live and historical trail for compliance and productivity


    Integrate Talker SDKs in your metaverse or real-world hardwares

    Actionable Insights

    Gain insights on improving Productive engagement and better workforce management


    Thoughts, musings, and ruminations.

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  • Talker Pricing

    Get started for a collaboration transformational journey

    Try Plan

    unlimited users, 3 channels limit


    limited to 3 channels

    14 days voice history

    Email support


    Starter Plan

    For team users


    per user per month

    3 months voice history

    unlimited channels

    Live chat support

    Enterprise Plan

    For large teams


    per user per month

    Everything in Pro, plus:

    12 months voice history

    Bonus care package!

    Upgrade options to custom plans

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